Sunday, 15 April 2012

Stuff i am working on

Greetings all, real life has caught up with me. That is the reason for not posting, but i am back :)

Salute 2012 is with us again, and it will be my 32 year of going to the show. The wife has been warned that the credit card will take a bashing.

I have started to put the new lifeboats on the ships they look realy nice, only another 60 boats to go lol

20mm WW2
 Been painting Belgian 1940 20mm figs,they are from a firm called Early War Miniatures. The tank in the background is from SHQ

The French 1940 20mm
The figs are from Battlefield Miniatures,the tank is Airfix and the gun and tracktor is Skytrex

Gruntz 15mm
 Still painting and playing Grunts scifi game, these are my latest.
Old Crow Hammer Slammers vehicals,GZG figs

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