Friday, 27 January 2012

New New Stuff

 Greetings all,
                    I have been painting a few things :)
There are four pic,s of 15mm Gruntz stuff, all GZG.
The buildings are real nice to build and paint, the rest of the stuff is part of my mech armoured
engineer company.

 New Lifeboats 1/1200 th Aeronef

These have just arrived from the designer, two types of Lifeboat for my two Aeronef fleets. Had to have them designed because no firm out there makes them.

 New painted ACW

Some new acw 15mm from glory plus the rail fencing that i made from card and cocktail sticks. These will go to my ever increasing Fire and Fury army's.
10 mm Seven Years War

This was a Black Powder game i played a while back, all the fig's are Pendraken 10mm. All are painted by me, the reason i put this photo up is because i have started painting more. I think i am a glutton for punishment.

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