Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Greetings all,

While i have the time, i will be putting more stuff on the Blog enjoy. :)
10mm 7 Years War

Gruntz 15mm Grav Flyer

28mm Nap

15mm ACW

Aeronef  Game

Greetings all,

I have been painting a lot off stuff resently
Firestorm Armada
Bolt action north Africa 20mm,
Gruntz 15mm,
I had a good game Nap, 28mm Blackpowder which was good. here's some photo's.
28mm Front rank Nap game

Gruntz 15mm

20mm North Africa

Firestorm Armada Sorylian

Firestorm Armada Sorylian Fleet

Gruntz 15mm
20mm North Africa

Monday, 7 July 2014

Valhalla Dark Age Skirmish Game

The Battlefield
Greetings all
I have posted some pictures of the game Valhalla I recently played.

The game was played with 5 players, 3 Viking, 2 Saxon.
We each had 3 benches each of 3-4 figs.

The Viking benches were made up of Seasoned Warriors and Trained Warriors 50/50 plus 1 Warlord each.

The Saxons had Seasoned, Trained and Militia plus 1 Warlord each.
Saxons move towards enemy

The scenario called for the Vikings to sack the village take slaves and capture livestock.
The Saxons defend the village and kill the raiders.

Turn 1
Vikings land the long ship and dismount and move towards the Village,
Saxon do not move as they cannot see anything.
 Turn 2
Vikings move towards village at full speed.
Saxons still do not move cannot see anything.
Turn 3
A Saxon child at the end of the Village with his sheep
see the raiders a calls the alarm.
The Vikings still move at full speed toward the
Village, at this point a Berserker loses control and runs towards the village. 
Women and children and priest run
 Turn 4
Vikings hit the Village and start killing.
Saxons try to guard the village.
Turn 5
Turn 6
More of the same, one Saxon Warrior kills 3 vikings in one turn the dies.
Turn 7
 Its the end for the Saxons 1 Trained Warrior left and he does a runner, Vikings take Village game over.
Valhalla is a good system i like it better than Sarga

Good game all the Guys liked it too.

hold the Fench

Berserker gone wild

Saxons Running
Viking Warlord leads his bench

Friday, 27 June 2014

Valhalla Dark Age Skirmish

I have just finished my 28mm building plus Long ship for the skirmish game. Here are some of the photos.
Saxon Village

Farm animals

Close up of the village

Saxon village on a 2ft sq board

Viking Long ship

Full view of ship

Monday, 6 May 2013

 Recent Gaming

Sorry for not putting anything up on the Blog but life has been a bit hectic.
Done some gaming and painting which was nice,
played a few Gruntz games,a bit Aeronef game some colonial game and Nap navel game.

Salute was not good this year, the only good thing was the Hammer game which was nice.




Nap Naval


Monday, 17 December 2012

Last Post Before Xmas

Greetings all, this is the last post before Christmas. Hope you all have a good one :)

Been painting up some Aeronef ships for a big game during Christmas, so there are a few pic's
Jap Fleet

Jap Fleet

Command Base
 Also been painting more 15mm Grunts stuff few pic's of them aswell

Kravak Fighter

Top view of Kra vak Fighter


Command Base
.Well hope you enjoy, have a nice Christmas :)

Friday, 2 November 2012

Some More Gruntz Stuff

Greetings all , some of the new Khurasan stuff. The Kit is very nice ,a dream to put together.
News Team

Top view of the Khurasan gunship

15mm scale

Gunship flying over base on some distant planet